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      Bangladesh Mobarak Hossain Khan       / General Specification
  General Specifications

     Date birth : 1938
   Office adress : Chairman , Nazrul Institute, 130/ 1 WapdaRoad, West Rampura, Dhaka-1219
   Home Tel : 880 9331256,9351630
   Email : humandf@bangla.net      Email : reenat@gononet.com
   More : He has written about 30 books on music, three of which in English (Published from India) His recent publication on music are: i. Sangeetsadhak Abidhan (dictionary of Musicians). II. Amar Sangeet Swajan (My music Kindred). Bangladesh Muslim Sangeetsadhak0 Muslim Music Devotees of Bangladech. He is the thired son of Ustad Ayet Ali Khan and nephew of Ustad Alauddin Khan. He has been decorated with the highest State Awards of the country The Independence Day Award and Twistryfirest February Award for his commendable contributin in the field of Music. He has also been adorned with quite a numer of other awards. his article on music of Banglapedia he National Director General of national Academy of Fine and performing Arts and at present the Chairman of Nazrul Institute named after the poet Laureate of Bangladesh Kazi Nazrul Islam. He is also the headquartes being in the USA and also the President of Ustad Ayet Ali Khan Academy of Muzic. He has served Radio Bangladesh and former Radio Pakistan for long 30 years. He has visited man countries including USA, U.K Cjina, Canada, France, Germany< Japan, North Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Kuwait, india and Pakistan as l leader of cultural delegation and also as an expert on Radio, Saarc, and Unesco. He is a visitin Professor of College of Music and Associated with associated with Dhaka University and Rajshahi University. Educations : * Diploma Obtained : M.A. * Main Field : History